I have tried to make pies from scratch and .... it was embarrassing. I like to cook, and an awesome pie crust is a wonderful thing - how hard could it be?

For me - impossible, until I happened upon this cheerily clear, foolproof, can't mess it up, instruction on how to make pie crust ....

Awesome Pie Crust Made Easy

    With rekindled enthusiasm, I tried to think of a pie filling that would not be too sweet, and have something else going on. I like spicey, never met a pepper I didn't like. Still, not everyone eats chilis for breakfast, and I didn't want to send anyone to hospital, but a little bit of pepper wouldn't hurt, would it?
    I looked in the cupboard and found a couple cans of unsweetened cherries, and a can of pears in light syrup. Had some molassas in the back of the fridge and a bag of hulled walnuts on the counter. I also had some fresh habenero peppers, bright pretty red lovelies ....
I commenced to cooking and it went something like this ....
Hot Cherry Pies

  1. mix it all up
  2. cook down to thick
  3. plop it in the crust and bake
  4. set the oven to pie baking temperature, or guess, works for me

Really, that's all there is to it, and it wasn't too hot at all, pretty tasty.

Next time, I think I'll use a whole pepper.